Inking it Up

As promised, I dove right into journaling last night and decided to just go for the trial and error method.  I wanted to see how much bleed through I would get if I used a lighter color of ink.  I used my stampin’ write markers from Stampin’ Up!.  I chose to use the Lavender  Lace color.  (note: this color may be discontinued now.)


You don’t have to have a ton of supplies to create beautiful pages. Remember, it’s about God and your relationship with Him, not about the artwork. All you need to start is a Bible and maybe a few pens. For the image I chose a rubber stamp of a crown.  I don’t have any info as to the manufacturer of the stamp. I purchased it at a consignment shop as is. The flourish on the bottom is from an acrylic stamp purchased at some point from a $1 bin at Michaels. To journal on this page, I used a fine black Sharpie Pen. To highlight the verse I wanted to journal, I grabbed a Crayola colored pencil and chose a color similar to lavender.

With both the ink from the stamp and the Sharpie, there was a slight bleed through or shadowing.  Instead of worrying about fixing the bleed through now, I thought about how I might fix it.   I will probably adhere a 2″ wide strip of paper to the reverse side of the page  to cover the portion that has bled through.  I will post an example of that at a later date. 

The portion of scripture I chose is one that me and several of my friends studied over a year ago as we were working through the book of James.  It reads:

Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.

James 1:12

Trials and tests…we all go through them, but God has PROMISED the crown of life to those who love him.

He has promised it…and He keeps His promises!


What is a Journaling Bible?


What is a Journaling Bible?

In the simplest of terms, it is a Bible with wider margins to allow for notes/journaling in the margins.  I have found journaling bibles in several different versions.  There is an English Standard Version (ESV) that I will be using.  If you prefer, you can also find it in the New International Version (NIV) or even in the King James Version (KJV).  More and more translations are becoming available for use with journaling.  

I stumbled upon bible journaling while scanning through my Pinterest feed. I came across a blog post by Shanna Noel. I remember thinking how cool is this!  It’s like scrapbooking only in your Bible. I was on vacation at the time and I spent the days left of my vacation by searching Pinterest for more stuff related to bible journaling. I became more and more interested in learning more about bible journaling. I ordered my first journaling bible while I was still on vacation and I couldn’t wait to return home and get started. 

Where can I find a Journaling Bible?

I ordered mine through , but I know several people who have ordered theirs through  You can also head to your local Christian book store and search there.  The staff at Lifeway have always been very helpful to me in the past when searching for Bibles.

If you prefer not to spend money on a new journaling Bible you can swing  by your local thrift stores and search for a Bible.  Some thrift stores even give away Bibles for free.  If you plan on getting really artistic by using watercolors, heavy ink, etc… you might find that this is a better route to go due to the fact that some artistic mediums such as markers, stamp ink and paints will bleed through your pages.  Yes bleed through can happen, but as someone on our Journaling Bible Community mentioned, Jesus bled too!  Speaking of the Journaling Bible Community, there are some talented people that make up the community.  The group is a closed group, but you can ask to join and someone will approve your request.  Lots of great ideas and inspiration to take in there.  You should check it out!

What does a Journaling Bible look like?

Glad you asked!   Mine is mocha but it is available in black as well.  Retailers are quickly releasing the journaling bibles in different colors and sizes now.  They are  available in hard cover, bonded leather, leather, etc….You can also get them in single column or double column.  If you want a little more space in the margins, then I recommend the single column version. Mine is double column.


Here’s a look at the inside:


Note the 2″ wide margins on the side…perfect for taking notes during worship services or journaling your own Bible study/devotions.  It also includes a one-year Bible reading plan.  Other things to note about this ESV journaling Bible is that the type is 7.5 point, which is small.  I would recommend that if you have trouble reading small print that you research other versions.  Another point to note is that this version is black letter only, so if you prefer red letter then this version is not for you. If you want to know more about the English Standard Version (ESV) you can find out more at this website.  Also note, this version is lined.  If you do not wish to see the lines, you can prep the page with gesso before adding inks, watercolors, etc….Feel free to ask any questions you may have about journaling bibles.

You may decide to NOT purchase a journaling bible and instead journal your devotions and prayers in a separate journal.  I know several people who prefer to journal their thoughts in this way.  Decide what you think will work best for your process and then dive right in.  There is NO way to do this wrong.  

Why is a Journaling Bible Needed?

You may be thinking…

People still carry physical Bibles? In this day of technology?

I know, I know…

I’m sure you’ve noticed in church recently many people using Bible apps on their cell phones, Ipads, Kindles, etc… But there’s something about a physical Bible. Just think about the legacy you want to leave behind. Your children and grandchildren would much rather cherish a Bible handed down to them than to hear about the time grandma used a Bible app.

I recently joined a group of like-minded people called the Journaling Bible Community. One of the posts I viewed in that group was specifically about this issue. A poster was discussing that a loved one had passed away and had left 12 Bibles all of them with her handwritten journaling/notes in the margins. Her family was thrilled to have that part of her legacy be passed on to future generations.

Others in the group have said that they will be starting multiple journaling Bibles to be left to their individual children. As a parent they can tailor specific verses to highlight for each child in their family. Can you imagine what it would be like if you could give each child their own Bible with all of your notes and even prayers on the day of their graduation?

You can do it…you can leave a legacy!

Here is a photo of the first page of my ESV journaling Bible.  The invitation is well worth the read.

FullSizeRender (9)

Don’t forget to stop back by tomorrow as I will show you what the Journaling Bible is all about.


Welcome to Faith Inspired Pages

I wanted a fresh start for this blog which will deal primarily with bible journaling.  I look forward to sharing more with everyone about my newfound interest. Look for posts on what bible journaling is, what supplies are involved, etc… in the days to come. Let’s get this thing started…for now here’s a photo of the two Bibles I am currently using.  The bigger one on the bottom is what I use for everyday study and for chuch use.  The smaller one on top is the one I currently use for journaling in.  We’ll take a closer look at that one tomorrow, so make sure you stop back by to check it out.